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Ultimate Guide to OnlyFans Stock

Want to know more about Onlyfans stock? Is onlyfans publicly traded? 

Social media sites based on a subscription model are rising. One of the most popular subscription-based services nowadays is OnlyFans.

This site lets content creators monetize their content as they can lock it behind a paywall. So, fans can access it for a monthly fee.

It now has over 30 million registered users with 450,000 content creators. Although it was not primarily created for this, adult videos and photos thrive on this site.

Moreover, its popularity has transcended the common social media influencing. Adult film stars, athletes, celebrities, make-up artists, and spiritual experts utilize these platforms. So, with a growing platform like this, the company has made millions of dollars in profit.

Hence, investing in it would be a wise choice. In this article, let us take a deeper look at onlyfans stocks and what they could mean to potential investors.

OnlyFans – An Overview 

OnlyFans is the social platform that works on a subscription model, which allows content creators to make money directly from their fans. The company’s primary goal is to help content creators monetize their content while connecting with their fanbase. 

This platform was founded by Timothy Stokely, a British Entrepreneur, in 2016. This startup has now become one of the most popular and fastest-growing global social platforms. With the help of his technical team, Timothy Stokely made this platform that accepts creators across all genres. 

More than a hundred creators have earned over a million dollars on this platform, according to OnlyFans. They have paid out over three billion dollars to content creators since they started in 2016.

Depending on the content and the fanbase, content creators can make money. Content creators are free to charge whatever they want for their content. Onlyfans takes a flat 20%, and the content creators can keep up to 80% of the earnings. However, onlyfans earn about 10 to 12 percent after costs.

This payment model has made this platform accessible to everyone since it has eliminated advertising and intermediaries. Moreover, it gives creators control over their content creation and earnings.

Furthermore, it has seen a spike in users during the pandemic. OnlyFans handled sales of 2 billion dollars in sales last year. It made a revenue of 400 million from its 20% commission. 

 In 2019, it had 60,000 content creators. By the end of 2020, the number is over a million. Although it still has to prove its consistency beyond the stay-at-home entertainment of the pandemic, it has a steady rising.

Now, we shall learn more about onlyfans stock in the following sections.

An Insight into the Company Profile of OnlyFans

OnlyFans has more than 1 million content creators, with 7000 to 8000 new creators joining every day. They also have 3.50 million registered users. Moreover, 500,000 new users register every day.

With over 15 million users registering per month, the company is growing very fast. Although only the top 1% of onlyfans take 33% of the money, an average user can earn up to 180 dollars per month.

Furthermore, most accounts make only 145 dollars per month. Plus, OnlyFans takes a 20% cut on the user’s transactions.

OnlyFans has paid out more than 2 billion to the content creators. It has seen a rapid increase in profit from 2019 to 2020.

However, if you are looking for Onlyfans stocks, the answer is not comforting. Onlyfans is not a publicly-traded company. Hence, you will have to wait before investing in their IPO if you decide to file for one.

Also, Stokely sold a majority stake to a Chicago-based internet entrepreneur, Leonid Radvinsky. So, there is a major chance for Onlyfans to go public, although no one can predict when.

To understand the profile better, you can take a look at the table below. They provide you with some valuable information.

Total Number of Employees 26 employees
Total Number of Shareholders There are two shareholders of OnlyFans: Timothy StokelyLeonid Radvinsky  
List of Management Board Members/Key Management Persons Timothy Stokely – Chief Executive Officer    
List of Supervisory Board Members Erika Coppel  – Head Of Social MediaAmber Gostelow – Head Of RecruitmentSteve Pym – Head Of New Business And PartnershipsAmi Gan – Head Of CommunicationsLouise Towse – Fraud And Financial AnalystElla Oakley – VIP Influencer RecruiterHannah Jimdar – Talent Acquisition SpecialistNico Collen – VIP Recruiter Olivia Arnold – VIP Influencer Recruiter

Source 1: https://rocketreach.co/onlyfans-hr-department_b45fd5a6fc6882d8

Onlyfans Stock

Fenix International privately owns OnlyFans and does not publicly trade stocks yet. The primary shareholders of this company are CEO and founder Tim Stokely. Also, adult industry veteran Leo Radvinsky purchased a major stake in 2018.

OnlyFans has not raised capital from venture capital firms yet. Speculators claim it is because of the adult nature of the creators. On the other hand, the genres are expanding to cooking, fitness, and more, which can invite more investors.

Also, On 6 June 2021, Bloomberg reported that this company is seeking venture funding. The valuation is estimated to be one billion dollars.

Onlyfans earns 12% of revenue as profit, and the profits are reinvested in growth. If they need more capital, they can always seek funding. If they seek private funding, it could lead to an IPO.

Hence, the owners can raise cash through IPO instead of private funding. That can be a more lucrative path for current owners. However, unless the company makes a statement, all these will remain speculation.

More importantly, OnlyFans will have IPO on the London Stock Exchange since it is a London-based company. Also, after new startup funding, this social platform can be worth a billion dollars.

Is Onlyfans a Publicly Traded Company?

No, it is not a publicly-traded company. Fenix International Limited owns and operates OnlyFans. The primary shareholders are, as mentioned earlier, Tim Stokely and Leo Radvinsky.

Although this platform is growing rapidly by the day, it is difficult to gauge its worth when it goes public. Nonetheless, it is highly likely to do well with the current market trend.

Top Alternative for Onlyfans Stock

Although there are no clear signs that OnlyFans will soon become public, here are some ways to own the stock. These alternative methods may help you eventually.

OnlyFans is a London-based company, so you can not expect a US listing. It can be disappointing to American investors. However, the company can opt to list on US exchanges through ADR or directly.

So, here are the alternatives:

  • Try to acquire OnlyFans stock in pre-IPO marketplaces
  • Buy OnlyFans immediately after it begins to trade
  • Buy the stock through a broker

Key News on OnlyFans

Here is some key news on OnlyFans that may interest you:

According to Business Insider, OnlyFans seeks funding at one billion dollars.

OnlyFans pivots away from pornography and seeks 1 billion USD funding, according to Bloomberg. New York Post also reports on the 1 billion USD funding news.

Numerous celebrities are trying out uncensored sites like OnlyFans. It is a piece of trending news from the USA today.

A gripping story on San Francisco Chronicle about how OnlyFans let Bay Area people monetize themselves after Covid-19 took their jobs.

Sticky’s Finger Joint, a restaurant chain, has joined OnlyFans as part of its marketing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions on OnlyFans Stock

Here are some answers to the frequently asked question about OnlyFans stock price. Let’s take a look at them.

Is OnlyFans Publicly Traded?

No, OnlyFans is not publicly traded; it is a private company. Fenix International Limited owns this London-based company.

What Is the Ticker Symbol for Onlyfans?

OnlyFans is not publicly traded yet. Therefore, there is no ticker symbol for OnlyFans yet. However, there are some speculations, and here are some of the possibilities:

  • ONLY
  • OF
  • FANS

What Is OnlyFans Stock Price?

OnlyFans does not have a stock price yet since it is not traded publicly. 

Can I Buy OnlyFans Stocks?

At the moment, there is no OnlyFans stock. Hence, you can not own any shares. 


OnlyFans is more intuitive than many other social media platforms. Moreover, it has seen consistent growth in the past few years. With a similar trend in the market and celebrities joining OnlyFans, it has a good chance to grow big.

It makes perfect sense to invest in OnlyFans stocks. However, it can be disappointing that the company is private at the moment. Still, there is hope for this company to have a thriving future in the stock market.

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