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Premier Oil Share Price Chat

The oil industry is not likely to have a stagger in the profit margins. Therefore, analytics believe that holding a Premier Oil stock will be profitable.

Would you like to buy your shares in LON: PMO? It would be best to have innate knowledge about the Premier Oil share price and other crucial information about the company.

This article will take you through the history, profile, financial status and other aspects involving Premier Oil. 

Premier Oil – An Overview

An independent UK-based company, Premier Oil plc has made a name for itself in the oil industry since its inception.

They came into existence in 1934 and since then grown into an international gas and oil production empire. Moreover, the company has interests in refining the oil retail sector by exploiting the products for production and exploration.

With their products, they aim to play a role in fulfilling the energy requirement of the world! 

Premier Oil is dedicated to the upstream (exploitation) and the downstream (production) sectors involved in the oil industry. The company utilizes sustainable and efficient production of hydrocarbons through safe methods.

Premier Oil has made some noteworthy discoveries that helped with the advancement of the industry.

  • Qadirpur gas field in 1990 (Pakistan)
  • Angus and Fife fields in 1992 (UK Continental Shelf)
  • Yetagun gas field in 1992 (Myanmar)

It has been listed on the London Stock Exchange, thus making it publicly traded with a stock symbol of LON: PMO. They have headquarters in London and have operations all over the world.

Premier Oil is devoted to being reliable and trustworthy for its shareholders!

On 1st April 2021, Chrysaor E&P Limited completed their all-shares merger with Premier Oil. So, from this year, the company will be formally known as Harbour Energy plc. The company now trades in the stock symbol of LON: HBR instead of LON: PMO.

An Insight into The Company Profile Of Premier Oil

Since April 2021, the Premier shareholders have a 5% claim, and Premier creditors have 18%. At the same time, the Chrysaor E&P Limited shareholders have 77% ownership in this leading oil company.

One of Premier Oil’s most notable investors was Petronas. It was a Malaysian oil company that bought a 25% stake in 1999. The company was able to acquire a 75% stake in Vietnam’s oil interest by 2004.

The biggest shock in LON: PMO share history was when Premier Oil rejected a £3 billion oil exploration bid in 2014.

However, later that year, the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change approved their development request. It was in the Catcher area block of the North Sea, where Premier Oil had 50% operating rights.

After three years, their shares rose by 40%! They had discovered an aggregate of one billion barrels of oil near the Mexico coast in the Xama-1 formation.

It was a joint project venture with Talos Energy and Sierra Oil and Gas.

If you look at the table, you will have a valuable insight into Premier Oil’s company profile.

Total Number of Employees 1,500 employees worldwide
Total Number of Shareholders There are eleven shareholders of Premier Oil or Harbour Energy. Chrysaor E&P Limited (77%)EIG Global Energy Partners LLC (36.7%)GIC Pte Limited (12.7%) Marshfield Advisers LLC (4.75%) Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers Limited (0.49%) Aberforth Partners LLP (0.37%)Schroder Investment Management Limited (0.34%) BlackRock Fund Advisors (0.25%)Dimensional Fund Advisors LP (0.23%) Artemis Investment Management LLP (0.14%) JPMorgan Asset Management (UK) Limited (0.14%)  
List of Management Board Members/Key Management Persons R. Blair Tomas – Chairman Linda Cook – Chief Executive Officer Phil Kirk – President and CEO (Europe) Alexander Krane – Chief Financial Officer  
List of Supervisory Board Members Simon Henry – Senior Independent Non-Executive Director Anne Marie Cannon – Independent Non-Executive DirectorG. Steven Farris – Non-Executive Director Alan Ferguson – Independent Non-Executive DirectorAndy Hopwood – Independent Non-Executive DirectorMargareth Øvrum – Independent Non-Executive DirectorAnne L. Stevens – Independent Non-Executive Director  

Source 1: https://www.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/PREMIER-OIL-PLC-4004314/company/

Source 2: https://www.harbourenergy.com/about-us/our-senior-team/

LON: PMO – Financial Indicators

You must know all the financial aspects of Premier Oil, like Premier Oil share price and more. Refer to the table below to get acquainted with the financial information of the company for 2020.

Revenue Generation $2413.9 Million
Net Operating Profit $762.5 Million
EBITDAX $1783.8 Million
Other Costs $1827.5 Million
Key Performance Indicators  More than 200 kboped global productions of hydrocarbonsThe company had 520 mmboe in 2P reservesDaily production of 173 mboepd Total Recorded Incident Frequency – 1.17 is operated and 3.9 in non-operated.
Premier Oil share price 400.20 GBX on 2nd July 2021
Public Stakes 44% stake in Harbour Energy

Financial Analysis Summary

Despite the roadblocks of COVID 19, Premier Oil grew exponentially. The company was able to split its production into 52% gas and 48% liquids. Moreover, they had a 59% operated and 41% non-operated production by the end of 2020. 

In doing so, they had an EBITDAX of 1783.8 Million USD with an operating profit of 762.5 Million USD. The other costs amounted to 1827.5 Million USD which includes:

  • Transportation tariffs
  • Depreciation
  • DD&A
  • Cost of sales

The total revenue generation of the company was 2413.9 Million USD! Here the crude oil sales from the customer were approximately 1430.1 Million USD ($63.1/bbl). Moreover, the gas revenue was 805 Million USD (33p/therm). By the end of 2020, they had condensate sales and a tariff of 138.4 Million USD.

In 2021, the company revamped the claim offered to the general public and made it 44%. Therefore, this sizeable ownership will allow you to have synced decisions with larger shareholders. You may even have a considerable impact on changing the company policies.

You are in the right direction if you are confident about buying a LON: PMO share! 

Source: https://www.harbourenergy.com/media/mpahhmcr/chr-18047-06-annual-report-2020_v14_17-march_final.pdf

Recent News About Premier Oil That Might Intrigue You

The first trending news on the internet is the merger of Premier Oil and Chrysaor. Furthermore, the company was renamed Harbour Energy in the London Stock Exchange on April 2021.

In June 2021, the company confirmed the shareholder’s share consolidation and voting rights effectiveness. Here is another reason for you to claim your LON: PMO share!

Again, in June 2021, the partnership news between Conbit and Premier Oil was broken to the public. It will ensure the installation of an innovative double-lift boom system at the Anoa Field in Asia.

The first supply of gas to the Tolmount project saw a dip in shares of Harbour Energy on a lower output forecast.

According to a report, the share prices of Harbour Energy have dropped by 61% compared to their trading history. However, the significant price dip in the LON: PMO stocks have attracted many traders to invest in it.

Your Go-To Websites For Premier Oil Share Price

Want to have access to the LON: PMO prices? Have a look at the list below! It will help you analyze the market activity and help you finalize your strategy.

  1. London South East
  2. ADVFN
  3. Yahoo Finance
  4. Shares Magazine
  5. London Stock Exchange
  6. ShareCast

Where To Find Premier Oil Share Price Chat?

After finding the perfect site for your Premier Oil share price, it would be a wise decision to interact with fellow investors. Moreover, it will help you get insight into things that you might not have known.

  1. London South East
  2. ADVFN
  3. Investing.com


Here are some questions that you might have about LON: PMO.

What Is The New Identity Of Premier Oil?

After the all-shares merger with Chrysaor E&P Limited, the company is now known as Harbour Energy plc. Therefore, the stock symbol has changed from LON: PMO to LON: HBR.

What Is The Premier Oil Share Price?

The Premier Oil share price is 400.20 GBX or $5.95. However, the price fluctuates unprecedently!

Are There Any Good Premier Oil Share Price Chat Websites? 

Yes! You can find interactive chatting services on the following websites – London South East, ADVFN and Investing.com.

What Is LON: PMO?

LON: PMO is the Premier Oil stock symbol that changed to LON: HBR due to the merger and change in the company name.

Is Premier Oil Publicly Traded?

Yes! The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange as Harbour Energy plc and is publicly traded.


How can you guarantee success as a trader? You need to have innate knowledge about the company you are buying shares in.

This article aimed at giving you all the relevant information regarding Premier Oil share price.

Now, you can buy your shares in LON: PMO without going through the hassle of analyzing the company history, financials and profile. This way, you will be equipped with all the knowledge required to buy shares in LON: PMO stocks. 

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