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LON: TCG – All About Thomas Cook Group Share

The tourism and travel industry has faced challenges due to the pandemic. Regardless of that,  

If you want to hold shares in the Thomas Cook Group, you need to know and believe in the company’s potential. Therefore, this article offers you knowledge about the Thomas Cook Group share price and much more. 

Are you ready to have all the necessary information required to buy shares of LON: TCG? Then, be sure to read the article till the end!

About Thomas Cook Group

The company is one of the world’s oldest travel firms, established in 1841 by Thomas Cook.

In 1872, the company was successful enough to organize the first round-the-world tour in history. It was for 222 days and covered almost 30000 miles. Furthermore, over the years, Thomas Cook’s Company grew exponentially, and in 1965 they crossed net profits of £1 Million!

The brand became famous and was loved by enthusiastic travelers.

Since its formation in 2007, the Thomas Cook Group has become a global travel group headquartered in London.

It was the result of a two-way merger between the companies – Thomas Cook AG and MyTravel Group. However, in 2019 the company went into subsidiary liquidation.

The Thomas Cook Group Plc has numerous operations in the travel and tourism industry. They own, manage and operate properties, agencies, and much more. Amongst those, you will find the following:

  • Travel agencies
  • Car hire agencies
  • Tour operators
  • Aircraft fleet
  • Resort properties, and
  • Cruise ships

The very essence of the company and its financial statements attract many shareholders.

The merger terms suggested that KarstadtQuelle will own 52% of the new group. MyTravel Group was a shareholder owning a 48% share in the company. Furthermore, the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange with the stock symbol of LON: TCG.

They are a global enterprise serving millions of customers as their travel companions. You will be surprised to note that the company generated more than nine million pounds in 2019.

Thomas Cook Group Profile

The three major shareholders of the Thomas Cook Group were Standard Life Investments, Invesco, and a businessman named Guo Guangchang.

In 2020, the Thomas Cook Group was bought by Fosun Tourism Group after the company’s collapse in 2019. It was relaunched as Thomas Cook Holidays.

The Fosun Tourism Group is a Chinese conglomerate and bought the online assets for £1 Million!

In 2019, the LON: TCG shares faced a decline of 98.70% in their market value. Therefore, the share prices went down to 2p as opposed to their 150p price.

For more knowledge about the company, refer to the table below.

Total Number of Employees 21,788 worldwide employees as of 2019
Total Number of Shareholders 2007 – Thomas Cook AG (52%), MyTravel Group (48%) 2010 – Thomas Cook Group (66.50%), Co-operative Travel (30%), Midlands Co-operative (3.5%)2020 – Fosun International bought the online travel company
List of Management Board Members Alan French – Chief Executive officerJurgen Schreiber – Director
List of Supervisory Board Members Lesley Mary Samuel Knox – Senior Independent Non-Executive Director James Sandford – Group Head-Investor Relations Jean Christoph Debus – Chief Airlines Officer James Simpson Wilson – Non-Executive Director


Financial Indicators Of Thomas Cook Group

Thomas Cook Group is a renowned and leading tourism group in the industry. The company operates through numerous ventures. Therefore, their revenue generation was £9584 Million!

The net sales breakdown of worldwide sales for LON: TCG is as following:

  • Holiday package sales – 67.80%
  • Airline services – 32.20%

In 2018 the company was able to own 186 hotels. Moreover, they operated 100 aircraft, which contributed to their sales. Thomas Cook Group had 37.8% net sales from Germany and 24% from the UK in geographic terms.

Would you like to know the revenue generation of the company from the financial year 2011 to 2019? This table has all the relevant information!

Year Revenue
2011 9,809 Million GBP
2012 9,195 Million GBP
2013 9,315 Million GBP
2014 8,588 Million GBP
2015 7,834 Million GBP
2016 7,810 Million GBP
2017 9,006 Million GBP
2018 3,227 Million GBP
2019 3,019 Million GBP

Source – https://www.statista.com/statistics/564727/thomas-cook-group-revenue/

For a better understanding of the company’s financial statements, take a look at the table below.

Net profit 9,584 Million GBP
EBIT £290 Million
Gross Margin 26.50%
Key Performance Indicators Ancillary services generated a profit of £0.63 per customerAddition of new innovative productsNew services – Choose your room and choose your favorite sunbedThe combination of heritage and trust in their financial division  
Thomas Cook Group share price 3.451

Source – https://www.annualreports.com/HostedData/AnnualReports/PDF/LSE_TCG_2018.pdf

Financial Analysis Summary

The table talking about the revenue over the years suggest that Thomas Cook Group had reached bankruptcy. There was a dip of almost six thousand million GBP in the net profit. Moreover, it reduced the share value of LON: TCG for a few months until Fosun Tourism Group acquired it.

All of this indicates that investing in this company might be a risky decision! However, if you believe in the Thomas Cook Group share price value, you can move forward with it.

The negative impact on the fiscal year of 2018 made them lose pre-tax of £53 Million. Even so, their operating income was £250 Million in 2018.

It eventually led to the collapse of the company in 2019. They opted for a government bailout which they failed to secure.

However, the company is still striving to offer the best services to its customers by introducing new services and products.

Until 2019, the company was publicly traded, and the stock symbol was LON: TCG. Fusion International owns this travel company, listed in the London Stock Exchange as Thomas Cook Holidays.

Key News About Thomas Cook Group

On 17th May, thousands of people used the Thomas Cook Group services to head for an overseas holiday. Moreover, travelers started to swap summer holidays with autumn.

A heartwarming story about a cabin manager who worked for Thomas Cook Group for 20 years has been making headlines. However, the news of the death of the company has been the most trending news for a long time.

In 2020 the news of the company’s resurrection and the LON: TCG re-listing was popular for a few weeks.

Furthermore, you will find the top news to be Fosun Tourism Group’s ownership of Thomas Cook Group!

Where Can You Get Thomas Cook Group Share Price?

It might not be a good option to buy stocks in LON: TCG because of its turbulent financial history. However, numerous websites on the internet will show you the Thomas Cook Group share price.

Going through these platforms will allow you to have innate knowledge about the market quotes. This way, you can make an informed decision about buying shares. So, here are the websites that you can look into:

The Best Websites For Thomas Cook Group Share Chat

The only way to understand market activities is from interested investors and their opinions. So, where can you find such websites housing Thomas Cook Group Share Chat?

Here is a list of chat interfaces that you can look into for LON: TCG-related discussions.

FAQs About Thomas Cook Group

Having queries about the volatile stock market when it comes to LON: TCG stocks is evident. Here are some frequently asked questions that you might be having!

Are There Good Websites For Thomas Cook Group Share Chat?

Yes! There are good Thomas Cook Group share chat portals on the internet. You can visit either of these websites – London South East or ADVFN, or Stockopedia.

Each of them houses discussions related to Thomas Cook Group stocks and shares!

What Is The Thomas Cook Group Stock Symbol?

The Thomas Cook Group Symbol is LON: TCG. However, the new stock symbol is TCKGY.

Is Thomas Cook Group Publicly traded?

Yes! You can buy shares in LON: TCG as it is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Why Did Thomas Cook Group Collapse?

In 2018, the company declared bankruptcy as it failed to acquire a government bailout. However, in 2019 the company was bought by Fosun Tourism Group, and it was resurrected.

Is Thomas Cook Group Profitable?

No, experts will suggest that the last 12 months have been a bumpy ride for the LON: TCG shares. Thus, making it less profitable than it was a few years ago.


Thomas Cook Group has been in the industry for over a century. Therefore, their value remains intact even if the company went bankrupt, which dipped the share value of LON: TCG.

You need to be careful if you want to buy shares in the company. The Thomas Cook Group share price is comparatively lower with less profit. So, make sure you truly believe in the company’s future and read through all the relevant information required to make that decision.

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