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Jack In The Box Survey- Make Money Online

Official Survey Website WWW.JACKLISTENS.COM
Prizes 2 Free Tacos
Age Restriction None
Survey Type Online/Mobile
Receipt Validity 3 Days after purchasing the meal
Coupon Validity 7 Days

About Jack in the Box restaurants

Jack in the Box serves breakfast every day all day long. It also has burgers, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and maybe even some of the weirdest tacos you have ever seen. Spicy food, regular hamburgers, and just about everything else is also served at Jack in the box.

The enjoyment of customers is a primary concern for Jack in the box. In order to preserve the credibility of its business and increase customer satisfaction, Jack in the box wants to hear from its customers. Physical feedback was required in earlier days, and the customers would be asked to fill in forms to provide their experience and rate the restaurant. To complete and share how your experience has recently been, the restaurant chain has developed an Internet feedback method known as Jack listens Survey. Jack listens survey is there to ensure that the client gives feedback honestly on the service they received at the restaurants in the comfort of their home or anywhere they could be. All you need is to keep your receipt safe so you can see the digits and then be honest about your experience.

JackListens surveys and prizes

The receipt with the Jack listens invite will typically state what you stand to get if you participate in the Jack listens survey. You need to pay attention to the information on the receipt as it states: that you have three days to visit the website and fill in the survey; it provides the digits you need to enter, and it also has the date of service.

To fill in the Jack listens surveys, you will need to have the following:

  • A stable internet connection
  • Your mobile device or personal computer, or tablet that is connected to the internet
  • The receipt you received at Jack listens, which comes with an official invitation to complete their survey, should not be more than three days old.
  • An email address that is valid will be needed to complete the survey
  • You will need to input personal information such as your name and address.
  • There is an 11-14 digit code on the Jack in the box receipt, which the system used in Jack listens survey will use to identify whether the entry is valid or invalid.

Your receipt has all the information needed to register and log in to the Jack listens survey, so you need to keep it safe if you intend on filling in the system.

Steps to fill in ‘Jack listens’ surveys

Step1 :You should log in to the official Jack listens survey site http://www.jacklistens.com using any device to access any browser you choose to use.

Step 2: You have the option to choose which language you would like the information in Jack listens to appear in between English and Spanish. The language you choose at the beginning of the survey is the language that will be used throughout the survey, so choose a language that you can easily read and understand.

Step 3 :You are now going to input the barcode with eleven digits written just above the center of your retail receipt. Then move on to the next page. Be sure to enter the correct digits.

Step4 :Verify where the restaurant is located, then proceed to the next section. You need to select the day and time of when your visit to Jack in the Box restaurants was

Jack Listens Step3

Step 5 : Chose the way how did you dine

Step 6 :Rate Overall experience with the restaurant

Jack Listens Overall Satisfaction

Step 7 : Chose if you would recommend  it toy your friend.

Jak Listens

Step 8 : Tell your opinion to Jacklistens.com how to improve  the quality of service

Jack Listens Next Step

Step 8 : Was order complete and correct

JackListens Step N9

Step 9 : Answer the Following Questions

Jack Listens N 10

Step 10 : Chose The specific items which you ordered from the menu

Jacklistens n11


Step 11 :  Rate the Item you have chosen in step 10


Step 12:what motivated to try Jack In the box

Jack Listens n12

Step 12:Finally get you prize

Prizes to be won with Jack listens surveys

The receipt you receive from Jack in the box that has the Jack listens survey invite should have information on the prices to be won. Prices range from two free tacos to coupon discounts for your next meal.

This means that the three to five minutes spent on the Jack listens survey to ensure you receive the service you deserve.

There are a variety of prices to be won from filling in the Jack listens survey, and every time you purchase a meal and receive an invite to fill in the survey, you stand a chance to win a different price.

  • DISCLAIMER: all you need is to purchase from Jack in the box; there are no specific meals or a price range that you need to reach to receive a receipt for the Jack listens survey. No one can tell you what you need to say on the survey, and you need to ensure that your honest opinion is given about a service you did not particularly like to help other customers not to receive the same treatment.

About Jack listens

In its essence, the http://jacklistens.com survey contains a number of questions that you are supposed to answer as a customer. The questions are about the service you received and how clean the restaurants are, and if you would dine at Jack in the box if the opportunity presented itself. The management team will find areas of good progress through the input from the buyers who participate in the survey. They may also recognize areas in which changes must be implemented, and they are able to pinpoint which stores are doing well or not paying attention to their customers.

Jack listens is meant to create a bond between its consumers and the stores’ management. It provides a safe space for the customers to express their views and opinions without anyone filtering the information. Logging in to Jack listens allows you to become part of the managerial team and influence how the store is run and what changes are made in the store.

Questions asked in the Jack listens survey

The customer will be asked questions to find out about the upkeep of the store and quality of service and needs to be changed to improve service. The questions will be used to gauge what the customers enjoy the most at Jack in the box and what they would like to see change.

Examples of the questions asked

  • What food was ordered by the client?
  • If the customer was served with quality food?
  • If the customer received the quantity of food that was satisfactory for the amount paid for the meal?
  • What price was paid for the meal that was head in the restaurant, and if the price is reasonable in the view of the customer?
  • You will be asked if the waiters and waitresses were tidy and available throughout you visit the restaurant. You will also be asked if the staff was friendly and of assistance if you needed help.
  • You will be asked about the restaurant’s cleanliness.
  • You will need to provide information about the interior architecture or restaurant structural view (the painting in the walls and the tiles and general upkeep of the store)

The questions that are asked on the Jack listens survey are not meant to be intrusive. They are intended to see the Jack in the box dining experience from the view of the customer.

Being honest will ensure that the next time you go to Jack in the box, your experience is better than the previous. The feedback you give allows the Jack in the box management to keep their restaurants to the customers’ standards.

In conclusion

There are rules that govern the Jack listens survey, and these include:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to do the survey
  • The coupons that you receive at the end of the survey can never be requested to be exchanged for money or any other substitute.
  • Each code entry allows you a maximum of one survey per code entry
  • To do the Jack listens survey, you cannot be a Jack in the box employee in any way or form.

For the Jack listens survey to work, the customer will have to be honest. Jack in the box created the customer survey to ensure that the customers have a reliable way, to be frank, without the information provided being filtered.

Take five minutes and answer the Jack listens survey and then enjoy the rewards that you will receive from Jack in the box.