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Home Depot ESS

Home Depot is a large store, and it is primarily known for making its employees’ lives easier. Home Depot has online portals that enable the employees to check their schedules and make changes with regards to their mailing address and tax forms.

The portals that are there to make the life of employees easier are MythDHR and MyApron. The Home Depot self-service is a way for the employees to make changes to the information that was provided to Home Depot without having to chase after the manager at work.

What is MythDHR 

MyTHDHR is an online platform offered by Home Depot, with access to essential company services, including schedules and payment statements for Home Depot employees and ex-employees to use and even if they are not on the company’s leading payroll.


Home Depot is a company whose primary product range is equipment, hardware, and interior design is made up of individual pieces of furniture and home items. It is one of the five major largest private-sector employers in the United States.

The culture of the Home Depot is guided by a form of leadership called the inverted pyramid. The needs of clients and staff take precedence, while the needs of administrators and executives follow those of the people on the ground.

Most organizations have a hierarchical structure in which various levels of management influence the various other levels of management rather than vice versa. Home depot enjoys success because of the concern and care that it has towards its staff and customers. To ensure that the staff at Home depot can access information easily, MyTHDHR is used.

Accessing MythDHR

To access myTHDHR as a recruit, you must have login credentials, which you will receive during orientation. Users will instead be issued with login authentication by their managers when users start employment with The Home Depot. The username and password that is used for My Apron in-stores is the same information.


MyApron is another portal that people can use to access the information they provided to Home Depot when they got employed. Access to MyApron can only happen in stores, but some employees are not aware of this. Once you leave the HomeDepot store, you will not be able to access MyApron.

To access MyApron, not only do you need to be in stores, but you also need to use the computers that are connected to the server in stores. You cannot access MyApron in stores with your phone.

Accessing the Home Depot portals

To log in to the different Home Depot portals, you need to know the store number in which you work as you will be prompted to enter it.

You will also need to input your user ID and the password; then, you will be able to log in and access whatever information you need, like your schedule. Mythdhr is where you need to log in to be able to view your upcoming schedule.

The confusion between MythDHR and Myapron

Most people are confused when it comes to differentiating between Myapron and MythDHR, and they think they may be used interchangeably. To ensure the safety of the system used in Myapron, only people who work in the company are able to use it in-store.

If you are a member of Home Depot’s team and are interested in logging into a portal to access information about your payments and taxes from home, your best bet is to use MythDHR.

MyApron provides more support than you are able to get from MythDHR, but there are still many options available on MythDHR. The information on MythDHR portals can be accessed by computers, cell phones, or the internet from anywhere at any time, while Myapron requires that you make use of the server in the Home Depot stores using the computers found in stores.

Home Depot Employee Self Service (ESS)

People who have access to the Home Depot ESS are not just current employees, but also people who used to work at the Home Depot . On the ESS, you can make changes without having to ask the manager to fill in the paperwork that will then sit on a desk while awaiting approval.

On the Home Depot ESS, some of the changes you can change are your tax information, updating your mailing address if you move, and making changes to your tax form. You have the opportunity to supply additional details and updates while using the self-service option.

When you are connected to the ESS, you can also see and print prior year and current year pay statements and tax information. You also have the option to choose an alternate form of payment. The Home Depot ESS aims to make life easier for the Home Depot employees.

Many people think that Home Depot Employee Self Service is a stand-alone portal that is not connected to MythDHR or MyApron, but this is not entirely true. MythDHR will lead you to Home Depot ESS. All that self-service means is that you can make changes by yourself without waiting for the approval of the head of the department or the manager.

Employees that benefit from the Home Depot ESS.

All employees that work with Home Depot have full access to the Home Depot ESS. The information provided on the ESS of Home Depot, such as schedules, is information that employees will need to check constantly. The ESS is available even from home so that the employees can see their schedules and make changes they need to do from the comfort of their homes.

People that used to be employed at Home Depot can also access the Home Depot ESS. The reason that past employees can access the ESS is that there is information regarding past payslips and hours that people have clocked in at work. Past employees may want to access this information to claim their benefits later in life, and that is why they have access to the ESS so that they do not constantly have to go to the Home Depot stores to seek assistance.

The takeaway

MyTHDHR, an online service portal provided by The Home Depot, enables current and old employees to view valuable company tools and financial specifics such as payslips and statements from the comfort of their homes or on the go. MyTHDHR gives workers the ability to perform a wide variety of obligations and get the tools needed to perform those tasks from in their own homes.

Other than these essential main functions, you can use the Home Depot self-service to unlock your payroll card, evaluate leave records, and make adjustments to your benefits, or review how you’ve already started taking advantage of the payroll deductions.

There is no need to register on MyTHDHR; the password and email you enter on this site are the same ones used to sign in to My Apron in store. If you have challenges with the MythDHR portals, some numbers are available for you to call to get assistance to access the portal.

My Apron is the service portal for people who work at Home Depot. The name of my Apron relates to Home Depot ESS that is found in-store. This service portal is only accessed in the shop and should not be confused with MythDHR. For security purposes, it can only be reached using the company’s networks and not personal devices.

It is vital that you use Self Service to update personal information, including changes in address and necessary information for Home Depot to always have information that is up to date each month so that Home Depot can keep track of you.

Being able to access Home Depot employee login from anywhere does not take away the fact that you need to exercise extreme caution. The employee login has sensitive information such as your phone number and details on your tax for you so you need to be careful and log out if you use public computers.

The self-service portals that Home Depot has made available to its employees are for the employee’s convenience. Regularly check your schedule to ensure that you are up to date with when you are expected at work. Remember to have the store number at hand whenever you want to access the portals provided by Home Depot Employee Self Service; if you used to work at Home Depot, make sure you have the date and the year in which you stopped working at home depot.


Official Website : myTHDHR.com