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Guava Cake Strain

Many myths and a lot of hype surrounds Guava cake. This strain is famous for its amazing flavor and after-effects. However, should you consume the Guava cake strain?

The answer to the above question lies in the detailed parameters of the hybrid strain. Therefore, it will help to be aware of scientific indicators and details of the Guava cake strain as a consumer.

This guide contains all the information you should know about this trending tropical hybrid. So, without any further ado, let us understand if Guava cake strain can become a part of your life.

What Is Guava Cake Strain?

You should know the background of this cannabis material.

In simple words, Guava cake is an uncommon Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis. It is a combination of 70% indica and 30% Sativa.

After consumption through different channels, the person usually feels relaxed and happy. The Guava cake strain is prominent for its high THC levels.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is a chemical that causes the most psychological effects. Mostly, this chemical exists in large quantities in marijuana.

Guava Cake Strain Appearance

A typical guava cake strain looks dark green. The buds resemble the shape of a spade.

Guava Cake Strain Smell

The aroma of this cannabis hybrid is sweet and tropical. Most consumers adore the pleasant aroma of this indica dominant strain.

Parameters And Key Indicators of Guava Cake Strain

The parameters and contents of this gold leaf phenotype hybrid are vital to understanding its application. Here is a table that explains every crucial aspect of guava cake strain.

MaterialTHC Levels (Approx.)CBD Levels (Approx.)CBC Levels (Approx.)
Guava Cake Strain17% – 21%0.56%0.66%

As you can observe, the THC levels of the Guava Cake strain vary as per cultivation methods. You can even find this cannabis containing concentrated THC levels around 28%.

All these parameters depend on factors like:

  • Flowering time
  • Yield strain
  • Care taken during cultivation

Prominently, there are two Guava cake strains. The first strain is a hybrid of gold leaf and wedding cake. The second is a hybrid of Guava and OG Kush.

Moreover, you can find variations in the intensity of these strains as per the features of hybrid ingredients.

Reviews Of Guava Cake Strain

Reviewers have said that the Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain cake tastes very sweet and tropical. The amazing weed has a flavor that nobody will get tired of.

The THC levels of this perfect blend of indica and Sativa are an instant stress reliever for the evening sessions.

The utility of guava cake strain is surprising for some users who felt their body become light and could complete all chores too.

Regular weed users have found this strain’s taste more citric.

Insomnia is a huge concern for many people. Luckily, this strain has helped people fall asleep gradually giving an overall soothing experience.

We are sure after reading these reviews; you might want further information regarding this wonderful marijuana strain.

Where To Buy Guava Cake Strain?

Many online shops and websites sell Guava cake strain. Importantly, you can choose the quantity in grams as per your budget.

It is important to realize that the pricing structure on different websites varies as per the cultivation method.

For example, you can get a similar quantity of guava cake strain at different rates. Before looking at the prices, let us know some prominent websites that sell this hybrid cannabis:

On the other hand, you can even purchase the guava cake strain from local vendors. However, it is important to know the reliability of such vendors.

Some local shops sell adulterated versions of guava cake strain. So, always conduct a background check before buying.

Typical Price Structure Of Guava Cake Strain

This hybrid strain is available in grams. Therefore, you can pay a similar range of bucks for standard quantity. The typical price range of guava cake strain is:

Guava cake strain quantityApproximate price
1 gram$ 8 – $ 15
3.5 grams$ 25 – $ 30
7 grams$ 45 – $ 60
14 grams$ 80 – $ 115
28 grams$ 130 – $ 220

As consumers, you should realize that there are costlier guava cake strains too. This cost increases as per the concentration of THC and CBD levels. For instance, a high THC and CBD level guava cake strain can cost approximately $ 90 for 5 grams.

Hence, the price always differs as per the contents in the individual strain.

Cultivation Of Guava Cake Strain

If you feel buying this effective material is a costly venture, why not grow it yourself?

This strain is rare. Hence, you need to find the exact seeds at the beginning. If you are lucky to get the seeds, the growing procedure is simple.


A typical guava cake strain generates high yield rates. Hence, you need proper ventilation and moisture control to grow this hybrid.

The flowering duration of the guava cake strain is around 50 days. On the other hand, the guava Kush has a flowering time of approximately 56 days.


Growing this cannabis indoors or outdoors is not complex. Still, proper attention to humidity levels is vital to cultivate this hybrid.

If you live in cold locations, the leaves can turn purple. You can expect a soothing aroma during harvest time too.


The height of this plant is only around 40 inches. Therefore, you can grow it indoors as well as outdoors. Pruning is advisable for best results. The month of October is the best flowering time if you plant this hybrid outdoors.

Uses Of Guava Cake Strain

This cannabinoid finds extensive use to treat various medical problems. Most of these issues are psychological.

Treating Depression

The high THC levels in Guava cake strains can help combat depressive feelings in an individual. Some users report relief in stress levels after consuming this cannabis.

Tackling Insomnia

Lack of sleep is a huge issue these days. However, materials like Delta 8 and Guava Kush can facilitate sound sleep.

Curing Nausea, Appetite Loss

The Guava Cake strain or even Guava Kush can help symptoms like nausea. Most consumers feel uplifted after consuming Guava Cake Strain in moderate proportions.

Combating Fatigue

Consumers often feel energized after binging this indica-dominant hybrid. Hence, this substance can combat the feeling of fatigue.

All in all, guava cake strain can treat many other medical conditions. However, professional advice is the key in such situations.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic information and medical uses of any weed material clear most doubts. Still, some questions exist. So, look at the FAQs that might prove fruitful.

Is Guava Cake A Useful Strain?

When taken in moderation, this indica-dominant strain is useful. Most patients undergoing therapy can benefit from this substance. On the other hand, some people use this strain to relax and combat complex mental activities.

All in all, due to high THC levels, this material is useful. Still, medical consultation proves vital.

What Is Guava Dawg?

Guava Dawg is similar to the Guava Cake Strain. However, the content percentage differs in this strain. The Dawg contains 60% Indica and 40% Sativa ingredient, making it another indica-dominant hybrid.

What Is The Taste Of Guava Cake Strain?

Smoking a guava cake strain can leave a sweet tropical taste. Some users experience the taste as that of citrus. Overall, users love the aroma and taste of different guava cake strains.

Can Anyone Take Guava Cake Strain?

If you are new to the consumption of marijuana-based hybrids, it is better to consult a physiotherapist.

A Guava cake strain containing high THC levels can be detrimental to beginners. Hence, you need to begin using this hybrid in small quantities. Further, you can always increase the levels as per your body’s response.

What Are The Side Effects Of Guava Kush?

Paranoia, rapid heartbeat, and dry mouth are some reported side effects of Guava Kush. These side effects are common with guava cake strain too. However, people with ADHD have found this strain to produce good results.

Summing Up

Marijuana products like Guava Cake Strain or Guava Kush are popular due to practical medical benefits. Higher THC levels boost your psychological condition. Therefore, some experts recommend using indica-dominant strains.

Still, it is important to know that any weed plant can have adverse effects like addiction and paranoia. So, proper moderation is vital. The Guava Cake strain helps treat many medical conditions. Also, there are various platforms to purchase this hybrid.

If you are a cultivator, the weed community can give handy tips to grow this hybrid. So, cannabis lovers can benefit from this strain with maximum effects.