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Ford 3000 Tractor

Ford 3000 Tractor

Are you looking for a tractor to help you in construction, road building, or farming? You might have heard of the Ford 3000 tractor. If you want to purchase the Ford 3000, you might want to read this article carefully. You will learn all about its specifications, features, and reviews.

You will also read about a brief history of the Ford Motor Company’s foray into tractors and its various models. Interesting, isn’t it? So read on and get enriching knowledge about the Ford 3000 Tractor. Who knows, you can be a proud and smart owner of one of these vehicles soon.

Perusing this article will help you make an informed decision regarding buying tractors. Or it could merely serve as general knowledge should you be interested in tractors and vehicles.

History Of Ford 3000 Tractor

The Ford 3000 is a historic tractor manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Its origin dates back to the spring of 1965. The Ford 3000 Tractor is a valuable addition to Ford’s Thousand Series of tractors and is a much-appreciated tractor model through the years.

The Ford Motor Company, headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, USA, manufactured their very first tractor in 1907. Henry Ford, the founder, pioneered the mechanism for the then Fordson Automobile Plow. It was the first lightweight, affordable and mass-produced tractor in the market at the time.

That marked the beginning of Ford’s foray into tractors. In 1955 they launched the 100 series of tractors called row-crop. The thousand series tractors launched with the introduction of the Ford 6000 tractor, a robust and high-performance model.

1965 saw the launch of Ford 3000 with additional improvements and features. Unfortunately, Ford Motor Company stopped its production in 1975. Whatever Ford 3000 tractors you find now are from their inventory or are second-hand vehicles. The Ford 3600 tractor succeeded the Ford 3000

Let’s examine the Ford 3000 specs and its unique features to understand its popularity.

Technical Features Of Ford 3000 Tractor

The technical features and Ford 3000 specs enlisted the engine, Ford 3000 horsepower, weight, and other unique specifications that made the model famous. Peruse the specifications and features to know what the Ford 3000 signifies to tractor fans.

Engine Of Ford 3000

The Ford 3000 Tractors are agricultural tractors with two types of engine options. The first is the gas-powered three-cylinder engine, which has a displacement of 158 cubic inches and a bore and stroke of 4.20/ 3.80 inches.

The other engine option for Ford 3000 tractors are a 175 cubic-inch displacement three-cylinder engine with a bore and stroke of 4.20/4.20 inch. An important fact to note is that the Ford 3000 diesel-run engine has a 128 AMP per hour.

Weight And Dimensions Of The Ford 300 Tractors

The operating weight of the ford 3000 tractors is 4,185 lbs. The series 3000 Ford tractors are comparatively lightweight and have a lower ground clearance compared to other tractors. Although the operating weight is a lot, the shipping weight is only 3,700 lbs.

The Ford 3000 length is 127 inches long and has a 64-inch width, and boasts a 58-inch high steering wheel and 54 inches high hood. The Ford 3000 tractor has a narrow ground clearance of 13.4 inches and boasts a front axle clearance of 21.5 inches.

Other Ford 3000 Tractor Specs

Now that you know the engine, weight, and dimensions of the Ford 3000, here are some other specifications that are relevant to the tractor.

  • Ford 3000 Horsepower- A 47-horsepower rated engine
  • Rated RPM- The Ford 3000 Tractors have 2,100 rpm
  • Oil Capacity- It has a capacity of 8 quintals of oil
  • Coolant Capacity- Ford 3000 boasts a 13.8-quintal coolant capacity
  • Transmission- Select-o-speed power shift with ten forward and two reverse gears help you drive the Ford 3000 tractor
  • Electrical Specs- It has negative ground electricity with a generator-based charging system. The Ford 3000 functions at 12 volts
  • Chassis- The tractor uses a 4 x 2 2WD chassis with a differential lock and a mechanical rear
  • Steering- Ford 3000 tractor has a power assist manual steering control
  • Brakes- Expanding mechanical shoe type brake helps ensure safety

The Ford 3000 tractor uses a hydraulic-based system. It has an open center hydraulic system with a capacity of 6.8 gallons and 2,500 psi pressure. The steering flow of the Ford 3,000 enables 4.25 gpm at a 600 psi pressure.These Ford 3000 specs, Ford 3000 horsepower, weight, dimensions, and other specifications enable you to know your tractor well. You will be well-informed about this vintage vehicle. Moreover, should you think of purchasing a used vehicle, these are important specs to keep in mind.

Models And Years

As mentioned above, Ford Motors Company launched the series 3000 Ford tractors in 1965. Each year, for the next ten years, a new model with an identifying serial number got manufactured by Ford.

Serial number C100000 started Ford’s foray into the Ford 3000 Tractor series. C450700 was the last model in the series Ford 3000 tractors, made in 1975. To recognize the model and make of your Ford 3000 tractor, all you need to do is check the flywheel housing on the right side. You will find the serial number written on the starter motor’s rear side.

The serial number C100000 denotes the model, chassis number, and so forth. You can use this guide to help you identify the make of your Ford 3000 tractor. This way, you can ensure if parts for your tractor are available today.

Prices And Where You Can Buy

Ford discontinued production of the series 3000 Ford tractors models. However, they are still available on trusted websites and stores. Sites like Tractor House have the Ford 3000 tractor models for bidding as well as for sale. If you bid, the opening bid begins at least $100. However, if you go to the on-sale options, the prices are fixed and are available from $3,000 onwards.

The original vintage Ford 3000 tractor cost $3,950. You can also look for used Ford 3000 tractors on Trade Machines website. New and used Ford 3000 models are also available on Fastline at affordable rates starting from $3,950.

Reviews And Interesting Facts

Now that you know the specs, prices, and where to buy your Ford 3000 tractors, read ahead for more information. Peruse the interesting tidbits of information and reviews about Ford 3000 tractors.

Henry Ford & Son Company pioneered the Ford 3000. It was a brainwave of Ford with the three-cylinder diesel engine. The Ford 3000 was and continues to be durable, sturdy, and long-lasting equipment that aids you in agricultural, construction, or road-work activities. 

People have reviewed it to be dependable, affordable, and simple. Although, there have been complaints regarding accessibility to the rear end filter and hydraulics system. The Ford 3000 tractors have complaints against it for being inadequate for modern applications.

The Ford 3000 is easy to maintain and requires annual oil and filter change to ensure smooth functioning. You must also change the transmission and differential fluids annually, especially if they look turbid or milky.

If you need to replace any parts of your Ford 3000 tractor, you can procure them from Amazon.com or other tractor parts stores. So, it shouldn’t be a problem to maintain and use your Ford 3000 tractors despite the discontinued manufacturing.

FAQs Of Ford 3000

Some frequently asked questions for Ford 3000 tractors are answered here.

1.     What are the Ford 3000 horsepower and engine types?

The Ford 3000 has a 47 hp and a three-cylinder gas-powered diesel engine.

2.     How often should you change the oil?

Your Ford 3000 tractor’s oil needs to be changed annually or after every 3,000-7,000 miles. That depends on how you use it and its wearability, make and model.

3.     When should you get your brakes checked and service your Ford 3000?

It would help if you inspected your Ford 3000 tractor brakes at least every six months. Ensure you service and check your Ford 3000 regularly for wear and tear and any other issues. That will improve the safety and performance of your tractor immensely.

End Notes

The Ford 3000 tractor is a vintage vehicle manufactured by Ford Motor Company between 1965 and 1975. It is a three-cylinder, open system hydraulics tractor; the Ford 3600 tractor eventually succeeded it.  

The Ford 3000 is a durable, long-lasting, and sturdy tractor that is easy to maintain and procure parts. You can conduct agricultural activities comfortably using this vehicle. So, explore your buying options contained in this article and own your roaring Ford 3000.

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