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Everything About 18 wheeler accident

Do you know how difficult driving an 18-wheeler can be? Have you wondered what needs to be done if you ever face an 18 wheeler accident?

If you are in the know, an 18 wheeler accident today is more dangerous than any other accident. Not only can the aftermath be a hazardous one, but the consequences are gruesome. This is why you should have an experienced and efficient 18 wheeler attorney to deal with those consequences.

The roads can be complicated, and various types of vehicles share the same road. For example, it can be scary to share the road with an 18-wheeler, given their size or the 18 wheeler accident in Louisiana yesterday that you might have heard of.

Therefore, it is always best to keep yourself mentally and practically ready for any worse consequences. An 18 wheeler lawyer can prove to be massively helpful, for that matter. 

This post covers all that you know related to 18-wheeler accidents, its attorney, and how and what to do for the aftermath. 

What Is An 18-Wheeler Accident?

An 18-wheeler, a tractor-truck pulling several semi-trailers, can be dangerous with pretty serious consequences when meets with an accident.

The reasons are quite simple. First, these 18-wheelers carry a huge weight of loads. Although the weight limits are State law-determined, it is a big digit for a vehicle. So, when you hear about an 18-wheeler accident on I-20 today, you can imagine the conditions of both the vehicles’ drivers and passengers.

What Should You Do After An 18 Wheeler Accident? Step By Step Guide

While you are all caught up with the panic of the accident, you should still be aware of what to be done next following an 18 wheeler accident. Here are a few essential steps to follow as an injured victim of an 18-wheeler accident:

Call 911 And Seek Treatment 

Keeping the laws informed about the accident is necessary to be accountable for the mishap. Next, your health is the biggest concern. Therefore, take proper medical care.

It is important to rush to the emergency room in severe injuries like excessive bleeding, loss of consciousness, or respiratory issues. For cut and abrasions, minor broken bones, or other minor injuries, head to an urgent care center. 

Whatever be the condition, do not delay medical help. Sometimes you may be unaware of the injuries inside your body due to the collision. It is, therefore, highly recommended to seek medical care as soon as possible.

Get The Details Of The Truck Operator 

Like any other motor vehicle crash, even for 18-wheelers, it is essential to get the basic details like their contact number, insurance details, and possibly the driver’s employment for security purposes.

These details would also be helpful while claiming insurance.

Gather Evidence

It is amazing how smartphones or other devices are helpful in such cases. If you are physically able, try to gather as much information that works as evidence of the accident. For example, click as many pictures of the area of the collision.

Click a picture of the traffic signals, signs, lanes of traffic, obstacles to visibility, and more such evidence. 

If you find any witnesses, it would be great if you could gather their contact details. Additionally, if you see any business with security cameras covering the collision area, that would act as a piece of major evidence.

Do Not Make Statements To The Insurance Company

As is known, insurance companies, like everyone else, wish to reduce their own expenditure and sometimes stand against you as an injured victim. Therefore, other than letting the truck driver’s insurance company know about the crash, do not make any other statements. This would save you a big deal of legalities against your interests.

Consult An 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

After all the details and evidence, conduct detailed research to get the most experienced and best 18-wheeler accident lawyer. Make sure that they specialize in the area. 

The lawyer will help conduct the entire investigation while reviewing your medical records and preparing claim forms. They’d also be dealing with the negotiations with the insurance company.


Your 18-wheeler accident attorney will fight your case following the legalities. This involves complex litigation procedures. They would involve drafting complaints to initiate the crash lawsuit, attending all court hearings, taking depositions of the truck operator, employer, the crash witnesses, and more.

States In The U.S. Most Prone 18-Wheeler Accidents 

While you have heard the most of Texas 18-wheeler accident cases or 18 wheeler accident Houston has witnessed, several other states face it too. The following chart covers the states where 18-wheeler accidents are found to be common, to name a few within the many.

New YorkNew York69
San AntonioTexas32
Los AngelesCalifornia42

18-Wheeler Accident Law Firms To Rely On

It can be challenging to find yourself a good lawyer to deal with your side as the crash victim of an 18-wheeler accident. However, there are some with great remarks in the area.

If you need a powerful lawyer who can deal with your case as the crash victim of an 18-wheeler accident Helios Legal Group is a popular 18 wheeler accident attorney. They are known for 18 wheeler accident settlements and, more so, for their triumphant victories.

Whether it is an 18 wheeler accident on an i20 today or any other motor vehicle, they perform rigorous investigations and vital documents in favor of your case. They are the ones you can rely on.

Most of the 18-wheeler accidents seem to occur in Texas. You may have heard of a Texas 18 wheeler accident in Houston or a 18 wheeler accident San Antonio today. Therefore, there has to be an efficient 18 wheeler accident law firm to have your back. Jim Adler & Associates is a trustworthy law firm with years of experience as expert lawyers.

Andy Citrin also specializes in 18 wheeler accident in Alabama today. This law firm has the best trained lawyers to coordinate the legal practices to your best interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Speak To The Other Driver’s Insurance Company?

Among the many do’s and don’ts involved in this area, an important “don’t” here would be not to speak to the driver’s insurance company.

Insurers do everything they can to go against you like the crash victim. This is to save you from the consequences against yourself, you should not speak to them.

Should I Consult A Truck Accident Attorney? 

Yes, consulting a truck 18 wheeler accident attorney always works best in claiming your insurance and the compensation you deserve as the victim. Additionally, an attorney would help you the best to recover the monetary damages within the jurisdiction of the law.

Who Are You Able To Sue In An 18-Wheeler Crash Case?

Truck accidents involve many parties at fault. It can be individuals or parties involving the truck driver, the truck’s company, its owner, the loading facilities, third-party manufacturers, or even the owners of the loaded goods. In such a case, consulting a lawyer would be a wise decision.

How Long Do I Have To File A Lawsuit After A Truck Accident?

In most states of the U.S., the state of limitation to file a lawsuit after an 18 wheeler accident crash case is two years. However, it is recommended not to wait for that long a period. Your chances of winning the case are much more and easier when you file a lawsuit sooner after the crash occurrence.

This way, you’ll be able to investigate and recover your compensation for the crash incident as the victim more easily. More time would jeopardize the existence of the evidence. Also, the trucking company would get enough time to build their defence.

Final Thoughts

18-wheeler accidents lead to gruesome consequences, with the trouble of sitting for a hearing in the court as the extreme consequence. It is, therefore, recommended to have an 18 wheeler accident lawyer at acquaintance to remain prepared for the worst.

Things get much easier if you know the do’s and don’ts of such incidents. Now you have a pretty clear picture of what is to be done. Make sure to maintain the precautions and stay safe on the street!