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Eurasia Mining Stock Analyzes

Eurasia Mining is a mining company headquartered in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1995. It has some subsidiaries such as Urals Alluvial Platinum Limited, ZAO Kosvinsky Kamen, and ZAO Yuksporskaya Mining Company.

Slowly but steadily, we have become one of the most important mining and exploration companies in the UK. Many companies and investors are getting interested in the EUA share chat due to the firm’s potential.  

Whether you’re an interested investor just curious to know more about the company, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to know everything about Eurasia Mining.

About Eurasia Mining

The company calls itself a mineral exploration and mining agency and is listed on the Alternative Investment Market. They started their firm with the primary objective of exploring and producing gold and platinum group metals.

They have been successfully carrying out their operations through joint venture partnerships and assistance from some local partners.

Most of the operations executed using the organization zone mining revenues, joint venture agreements, and equity funds. All their projects are initially evaluated, understand their viability, and then move forward for further exploration.

Once the project is all set to go, the company either partners with another firm or works on it by themselves.

Back in 1996, Eurasia started its operations in Russia by working on gold-copper and platinum group mineral projects. Today, the company is headquartered in London. As their primary base of operations is in Russia, they have two offices located there for managing local operations.

The company is currently focused on three major mining projects –

  • Monchetundra Project – Kola Peninsula
  • Semenovsky tailings Project – Bashkiria
  • West Kytlim Mine – Ural Mountains

Monchetundra Project

This project is located near the Kola Peninsula in North-Western Russia. It is a state-approved resource that has received permission for mining. This Palladium-driven pit is developed just beside the mining town of Monchegorsk.

Combining the reserves and resources, this project can produce 2 million ounces of Palladium and Platinum. This is a polymetallic deposit and has by-products – copper and Nickel.     

Semenovsky Tailings Project

For this project, the company obtained a maiden reserves approval in the middle of 2016. The aim was to recover gold and silver from the old mine tailings, which are actually waste generated by ores from a processing plant.

An approximate amount of 3,206 kg of gold and 43.2 tonnes of silver can be sourced from the plant. A new location has also been proposed. This project is currently under consideration and requires financial assistance.

West Kytlim Mine

The company has received the exploration license and feasibility study for this site. This is primarily a Platinum and gold mine; and also includes Palladium, Rhodium, and Iridium.

In 2018 around 165 kg of raw Platinum was sourced from this site. Today all the raw Platinum is sold according to the Ekaterinburg contract.  

Company Profile

Eurasia follows all the latest techniques and technologies to carry out the mining operations. They have a team of skilled engineers to handle every project carefully and attentively.

The company also understands that lease mining and Exploration activities certain risks associated to them. That’s why they’re committed to offering a safe environment for all the employees and also taking care of their well-being.

Some other salient details of the company are given below –

Total Number Of Employees They have a team strength of around 54 employees.
Total Number Of Shareholders They have ten shareholders, which include HSDL NOMINEES LIMITED, Hargreaves Lansdown, and Queeld Ventures Limited.  
Management Board Members  Christian Schaffalitzky, James Nieuwenhuys, Iain Rawlinson, Tamerlan Abdikeev, Dmitry Suschov, And Alexander Sushchev.
Supervisory Board Members NA
Key Management Person James Nieuwenhuys (CEO)

Key Financial Indicators

Recently the company completed a private placement of warrants and shares amounting to 53 million. This was carried out to a single investor at a market price of 26.5p for each share and related warrants. With their joint venture with Rosgeo, Eurasia Mining was able to raise $20 million.

All the board of directors was delighted with the success of this financial joint venture. This collaboration will enable Eurasia to strengthen its brand name in the mining and exploration industry.

This collaboration with Rosego will help the company work on nine different projects and obtaining almost 104.6moz of Platinum. As a result, they’ll become one of the leaders in Platinum mining and extraction.     

Their financial success has enabled them to gather 23 million in cash in recent times. As you can see, they have a long way to go.

Here are some of their other financial details that might interest you.

Income Statement (Million) 2020 2019 2018 2017
Revenue 0.94 1.13 2.57 0.18
Net Profit (3.69) (0.85) (3.24) (2.14)
Equity Holders of Parent Company (3.08) (0.95) (2.57) (2.12)
Earnings per share (Basic) (0.11p) (0.04p) (0.12p) (0.14p)
Earnings per share (Adjusted) (0.11p) (0.04p) (0.12p) (0.14p)
Earnings per share (Diluted) (0.11p) (0.04p) (0.12p) (0.14p)

Some of the key performance indicators of the firm include –

  • Shareholder returns
  • Financial results of the previous year
  • Development and exploration expenses
  • Environmental safety and management
  • Occupational safety and management
  • Corporate governance
  • Operational success

Financial Analysis

Eurasia has suffered some financial setbacks in the past year. Suffered loss before tax of £3,693,308 caused due to the highly volatile Russian Rouble and its irregular movement, which led to foreign exchange losses. Subsequently, it also impacted the subsidiary payments negatively.

The second factor that contributed to the loss was an increase in corporate expenses due to Business expansion.

In order to expand operations at the West Kytlim Mine, the company acquired additional equipment and funds to strengthen the mining fleet. As the aim was to increase exploration and production in 2021, an amount of £1,020,928 was collected.

However, the firm successfully raised funds amounting to £7.9 million from equity shares and warrants. Therefore, by the end of December 2020, Eurasia had a significant cash balance of £5,404,101. This allowed the company to enhance the operations for the existing projects and gather more equipment for the 2021 mining season.       

Before the end of 2020, the company was able to successfully acquire mining equipment on release term of 5 years. Besides research and development, the company also spends a significant amount to maintain occupational health and safety.

Therefore, proper strategies were implemented and monitored. Employees were also given the training to adopt safe practices while mining amidst the pandemic.  

Key Debates

Over the past year, there wasn’t any heated discussion or debate about Eurasia. However, the management faced a little turmoil when the executive board promoted and hired new employees. To strengthen the management department, Iain Rawlinson was hired as the new Non-Executive Director.

Also, James Nieuwenhuys was promoted to the position of the new CEO from a Non-Executive Director designation. The company also had an emotional setback as their longest-serving employee Gary Fitzgerald passed away in February 2021.    

Key News About Eurasia

Besides the announcement of the Rosgeo joint venture, Eurasia declared that they would launch a series of companies with Rosgeo. This joint venture projects wheel source an estimated amount of 104.6 million ounces of Platinum. The Monchetundra project will be enhanced.

Further, Eurasia’s subsidiary firm Yuksporskaya Mining Company has also signed an agreement with Rosgeo. So, Yuksporskaya will be a 75% shareholder in Monchegorskoe LLC, the first joint venture organization.   

Moreover, via YGK, Eurasia will be able to acquire 25% shares of Monchegorskoe with Rosgeo. The CEO of Eurasia was elated and stated that they were about to develop battery metals and PGM organization.

He further stated that this move would solidify their position in the Mining industry and enable them to improve their cash balance.   

Sites To Find EUA Share Price Details

Currently, the EUA share price is 21.00 GBX. If you want to know more about EUA share price chat or EUA share chat, head over to websites such as London Southeast, London Stock Exchange, or StockPedia.


What Are Some Important Details About EUA Share Price? 

Eurasia is listed on the London Stock Exchange with a ticker code EUA. Currently, its market capitalization is approximately £598 million. Last year, the EUA share price was traded within a range of 35.8. Their share prices hit a high of 43 and then went all the way down to 7.2.   

How To Obtain More Information About EUA Share Price?

Currently, the EUA share price is 21.00 GBX if you want to know more about EUA share price chat or EUA share chat, head over to websites such as London South East and London Stock Exchange.

What Is The West Kytlim Mine Famous For? 

The West Kytlim project is famous for mining and exploration of Gold and Platinum. Here, the complete revenue is payable to Eurasia.

To Sum Up

Eurasia has successfully marked its place in the mineral exploration and mining sector. With Rapid developments such as joint venture collaborations, the company is expected to prosper even more in the upcoming years.

Therefore, if you are interested in being an investor in the company, go through the details provided here before moving forward.    

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