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ESPN Stock – Everything You Need To Know

ESPN is one of the most influential names in the sports media industry. The prominent financial prospects of ESPN are intriguing investors to buy shares in this company. But can they invest in ESPN stock?

We have mentioned relevant facts about ESPN stock investing and much more. Therefore, if you are interested in gathering the essential information about the financial capabilities of ESPN, read this article!

ESPN Overview

ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. This cable sports channel has a monthly viewership of over 100 million in America.

It will offer you access to a variety of sports event coverage. Moreover, it works on a 24-hour network. ESPN is best known for devoting to provide the viewers with programs housing sports news and analysis.

This pioneering network has been in the industry since 1979. ESPN Inc. was the brainchild of sports enthusiast Bill Rasmussen, his son Scott Rasmussen, and Ed Eagan. Furthermore, Anheuser-Busch was the first sponsor for ESPN purchasing $1.38 million worth of advertising in ESPN stock.

The company started a distribution programming service in 1983. Today, ESPN is the leading cable sports broadcaster and is prominent in over 200 countries.

The Walt Disney Company holds 80% ESPN stock, thus making them an indirect subsidiary. Hearst Communications holds 20% shares in the ESPN stock.

The platform offers exclusive live events and showcases everything that happens in the sports industry. Moreover, ESPN is valued at a net worth of $50 billion as of 2021.

ESPN Stock Profile

ESPN is a leading broadcaster of worldwide sports news programming. It is a 24/7 channel with coverage in over 200 countries. Therefore, the company profile houses immense human resources to keep everything smooth and running.

This section will offer you some insights into ESPN’s company profile. You can refer to the table below:

Total Number Of Employees 6,000 worldwide employees, with 4,000 employees at Bristol headquarters.
Total Number Of Shareholders The Walt Disney Company holds 80% ESPN stock, and Hearst Communications holds 20% ESPN stock.
List Of Management Board Members James Pitaro – Chairman Chara-Lynn Aguiar – Vice PresidentStephanie Druley – Executive Vice PresidentLaura Gentile – Senior Vice President of Marketing and Social MediaThomas Hennessey – Senior Vice President of FinanceRob King – Senior Vice President of Journalism Chris LaPlaca – Senior Vice President of Communications Burke Magnus – Executive Vice President of Programming Kevin Merida – Senior Vice President and Editor-in-ChiefDiane Morse – Chief Counsel Paul Richardson – Senior Vice President of Human ResourcesTina Thornton – Senior Vice President of Content OperationsMark Walker – Senior Vice President of Content Business Development and Innovation Norby Williamson – Executive Vice President and Executive Editor
List Of Supervisory Board Members N/A

Source: https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2020/11/espn-unveils-new-senior-leadership-team/

ESPN Company Financials

ESPN has grown exponentially over the years. The company has become the biggest broadcaster of sports news in history. 

ESPN has a motto of serving dedicated sports fans – Anywhere and Anytime! They do this by keeping their servers live 24/7. Therefore, they generate a huge amount of profit from viewers and subscribers.

While Disney doesn’t reveal ESPN’s financial performance, marketing analysts believe ESPN generates about $10 billion in average annual revenue!

The main reason for ESPN stock to dominate the world is their ardent value and care for their viewer base and employees. Disney’s ESPN network can be accessed via television and on digital platforms.

ESPN+ was launched in 2018 by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. Moreover, this streaming service brought $4.55 per paying subscriber in the second quarter of 2021. They have also branched out to sell sports goods and clothing.

In 2020, ESPN had a total generation of $11.4 billion in revenue. Here is a break-up of that revenue generation:

  • $8.6 billion from affiliate fees
  • $2.3 billion from advertising
  • $0.5 billion from streaming service

Back in 2019, Disney saw a steady decline in ESPN viewers. Despite that, the revenue collected from Media Networks was $24.8 billion. Moreover, it was a 13% hike from the previous year.

The overall decline was 2.5% in viewers, while there was a 7% increase in affiliate fees!

Irrespective of ESPN stock price ups and downs, the flow of profits brought in investments in many business areas.

Is ESPN Publicly Traded?

No, the public cannot trade in ESPN stock directly. The company belongs to The Walt Disney Corporation and Hearst Communications. Therefore, the only way to buy ESPN stock is by investing in subsidiary companies.  The ESPN stock symbol is (OB: ESPN), whereas the Walt Disney Co. stock symbol is (NYSE: DIS).

How To Buy ESPN Stock?

As mentioned in the section “is ESPN publicly traded,” you cannot buy ESPN stock directly. It would help if you profited from the immense success of this broadcasting network by investing in the share companies.

ESPN is a huge multinational corporation having an immense impact on Disney. As mentioned earlier, ESPN is partially owned by Disney and Hearst. Therefore, if you want to buy ESPN stock,you will need to invest in either of these companies.

You can even check the ESPN Stock on Robinhood.

Before you invest in these companies, take a look at the following table!

The Walt Disney Corporation The Hearst Corporation
Stock Value Subsidiaries Stock Value Subsidiaries
$170 per share (approx.) Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm, and Marvel Studios. N/A Fitch Ratings, iCrossing, and CDS Global.   They have 50% shares in TV networks like – A&E and Verizon Hearst Media Partners.   They also own Digital Spy, Delish, and Crush.
About Disney: It is a diverse mass media and entertainment company. They are best known for giving people a healthy dose of blockbuster films every year! About Hearst: It is a mass media company from the USA owning a wide variety of media companies and newspapers.

Source: https://buysharesin.com/espn/

Key Risks And Rewards Of Buying ESPN Stock

As you learned earlier, an ESPN stock will mean investing in the parent companies. Being a shareholder in either of these companies will allow you to take advantage of the subsidiaries they own.

There are risks involved in any stock. The riskiest move would be to buy an ESPN stock without knowing the market history.

A few years back, ESPN’s stock price plummeted by 11%. Disney faced a lot of financial dips due to the decrease in value. This drop made Disney’s total share price unprofitable. However, Disney did not sell their stake in the company.

Who is to say this will not happen again? If you are willing to take this risk, you can materialize your claim in a Disney stock!

The positives about buying shares in ESPN stock lies in the fact that it will always be successful even after road bumps. Furthermore, their branch into the streaming service proves fruitful with a generation of billion dollars in revenue.

However, it is best not to invest in ESPN stock if you do not believe in its success.

Top ESPN Stock Alternatives

So, if you cannot buy ESPN stocks, what are the best alternatives? Here is a list of the best sports stocks to invest in:

Key News Of ESPN Stock

In recent news, you will find a trending article on how ESPN is trying to create its sportsbook. They wanted to follow the trend of launching an authentic betting platform.

Next up is the news about the monthly upgrade price hike to $5.99 for ESPN+, which brings it to $60 per year! Furthermore, Disney shells out billions to generate profitable sports media deals.

In May, Disney reported a 13% quarterly decline in the revenue figure.

FAQs About ESPN Stock 

Here are some questions that we think you might have about ESPN stock!

  1. What is ESPN’s stock price?

There is no dedicated ESPN stock price as you cannot buy it independently. The stock price of their parent company is approximately $170 per share.

  • Is ESPN stock publicly traded?

No, you cannot buy an independent ESPN stock. If you want a share, you need to buy stocks in Disney or Hearst.

  • What is the ESPN stock symbol?

The ESPN stock symbol is (OB: ESPN).


ESPN is a popular platform for sports enthusiasts. Moreover, viewership is growing at an alarming rate. The financial prospects attract a lot of investors.

However, you cannot buy ESPN stock independently. You will have to buy shares in either of the parent companies – Disney or Hearst!

Make sure to buy the ESPN stock at your own risk and only do it if you truly believe in the potential.

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