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Avct Share Price, Chat, and Financial Analyzes

Avacta Group is a British biotechnology firm that utilizes advanced technology to develop safer drugs and high-performing diagnostics. Over the years, they have taken great strides in transforming modern-day and Life Science research. 

Many world-class medical organizations, patients, customers, and investors have become interested in their operations.

So if you’re interested in this company and want to know more about AVCT share price, we have compiled all the information you need in this post. Read on to find out!

About Avacta 

You can consider the company as a newcomer in the drug development and Biotechnology industry. This started the operations to transform the shape of medical research and offer advanced diagnostic solutions to the world. 

Avacta has two major divisions – therapeutics and diagnostics. The therapeutics division is situated in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Fear the company develops high-end cancer immunotherapies by utilizing their proprietary platforms called Affimer and pre|CISION. 

The diagnostics division is located in Wetherby, UK. Here, the scientists and researchers use the Affimer platform to develop advanced diagnostics and collaborate with other international firms for developing Affimer reagents.

They aim to develop unique cancer therapies which will suit all cancer patients. This will even include those patients who don’t respond to the immunotherapies prescribed to them. Let’s have a closer look at these two amazing platforms. 


This is a unique biotherapeutic class that is based on a naturally occurring Stefin A. 

These protein molecules can be developed quickly using a well-established phage display method. They are cost-effective, aid better tissue penetration, and are completely compatible with different expression systems.

The Affimer platform was developed to address the drawbacks of the antibodies available in the market. These issues include reliance on a body’s immune response, development time, complexity, compatibility, and operational freedom. 


This is an advanced chemotherapy platform developed to release an active drug only into a person’s tumor. It reduces systemic exposure and enhances the overall safety of the process. Moreover, it improves the therapeutic potential of anti-cancer treatment methods. 

The pre|CISION technology offers better tumor targeting where the chemotherapeutic agents are released only inside the tumor. As a result, it helps cure tumors in the pancreas, liver, breast, ovaries, and lungs. 

Company Profile

The company’s diagnostics and therapeutics division combined Technologies to develop novel cancer care treatments that will suit everyone. Their Affimer platform aims to dominate and improve the antibody market by using their human-derived proteins. Avacta has also partnered with many International pharmaceutical and Biotech organizations to enhance research.  

Let’s have a closer look at the company’s details.

Total Number Of EmployeesAvacta has an employee base of 119, including its diagnostics and therapeutic divisions.
Total Number Of ShareholdersThey have ten shareholders, which include Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers Ltd., Jarvis Investment Management Ltd, and Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Management Ltd.
Management Board Members Alastair Smith, Tony Gardiner, Eliot Forster, Trevor Nicholls, Paul Fry.
Supervisory Board MembersNA
Key Management PersonAlong with CEO Alastair Smith, the senior management group consists of Emma Wright and Michael Vinegrad.

Key Financial Indicators

The company is expected to introduce its pre|CISION™ program into the market this year, which will give them a huge financial advantage. They have also entered drug development collaborations with other companies, including a resource developed in partnership with ModernaTx, Inc. 

Moreover, Avacta has also entered a commercialization and development partnership with LG Chem worth $310 million. Their collaboration with ADC Therapeutics will help them develop better Affimer® drug conjugates.   

The company is listed under the London Stock Exchange with the ticker code of AVCT. They have a market size of 5000 and a market capitalization of £452 million. 

Want to know more about its financial situation? Check out the important details given below.

Income Statement (Million)2020201920182017
Net Profit(18.89)(15.62)(8.83)(6.37)
Equity Holders of Parent Company(18.89)(15.62)(8.83)(6.37)
Earnings per share (Basic)(8.37p)(9.15p)(13.49p)(9.77p)
Earnings per share (Adjusted)(8.37p)(9.15p)(13.49p)(9.77p)
Earnings per share (Diluted)(8.37p)(9.15p)(13.49p)(9.77p)

The key performance indicators of the company include the following –

  • Group revenues – £3.64 million (2020)
  • Research and development costs – £8.96 million 
  • Cash and Short-term deposit balances – £47.91 million  
  • Net Assets – £61.93 million  

Financial Analysis

Avacta’s financial performance was hampered due to the worldwide COVID pandemic. The overall group revenues decreased from £5.51 million to £3.64 million by December 2020. 

Their Diagnostics division had a revenue of £0.52 million, which reduced from 0.81 million. This loss was due to a reduction in the amount of Affimer® reagent projects due to the working restrictions imposed to the pandemic. However, the company also has started working on covid-19 lateral flow tests and associated research projects. 

The revenues for their therapeutic division also suffered a big loss as it was decreased to £1.63 million from £2.52 million. This was also due to the restricted working conditions at the Cambridge research and development site. 

However, there was a huge increment in the cash, and short-term deposit balance is it increased from £8.79 million to £47.91 million by the end of December 2020. During the same year, the capital expenditure increased to an amount of £1.28 million from £0.62 million as they are expanding their facilities at Cambridge and Wetherby locations.    

However, the capitalized developmental expenses fell to £0.17 million as most of the developmental diagnostic operations haven’t received regulatory approval. 

Current Financial Position 

Net assets of the company were calculated to be £61.93 million. Within this amount, cash equivalents, cash, and short-term deposits array sum total of £47.91 million, which was earlier £8.79 million. The intangible assets were decreased to an amount of £9.42 million from £11.80 million. 

To recover the losses faced by the company during the pandemic, their focusing on these two performance indicators – 

  • Enhanced development of pre|CISION and Affimer platforms to improve the clinical trials India therapeutics department 
  • Development of more Affimer diagnostic products and addressing patient issues properly  

Key Debates 

With the total loss of 18.8 million, there were some discussions and debates about the efficiency of company operations. Show the directors have prepared financial forecasts and cash flow statements to recover from the economic setbacks in was in the previous year. 

Factors such as developmental collaborations, medical trials for AVA6000 pro-doxorubicin phase I, and product development have been considered. The company is also focusing on the SARS-CoV-2 lateral flow antigen test to help battle the covid-19 pandemic. 

Key News About Avacta 

The most exciting news about the company is its AffiDX® lateral flow test. This test has been successfully able to detect the Delta variant of CoV-2 virus. Moreover, these tests beat the other two testing methods practiced in Europe. 

The test was conducted on some patient samples, which included Delta variant, and it was able to detect all the cases efficiently. On the other hand, the commercially popular lateral flow tests variant as efficient as AffiDX®.

As the test is also CE marked for commercial usage in the EU and the UK, the company collaborated with their first distributor, Calibre Scientific.

This is a huge success for the company, and they are seeking out other marketers and distributors to expand your business throughout Europe.


What Are Some Important Details About AVCT Share Price? 

In the past year, the AVCT share price has been traded within the range of 176.5. It hit a maximum high of 280 and a low of 103.5. The current AVCT share price is 166.49 GBX, which is subject to change. 

Where Can I Find Authentic Information About AVCT Share Price?

To know all about AVCT share price and AVCT share price chat 3, head over to sites such as London South East, ADVFN, Hargreaves Lansdown, and StockPedia.

What is Avacta Animal Health?

Avacta Animal Health is a special division within Avacta that works towards the improvement in animal health and their welfare. Their primary aim is to use advanced Research and Technology to treat allergic diseases among animals. 

To Sum Up

Even though Avacta has suffered some financial losses due to the pandemic, they are slowly getting things back in order. With a better financial management team and beneficial International collaborations, they are all set to become one of the stalwarts of Medical science and research. 

The success of the AffiDX® antigen lateral flow test is a clear indicator of their bright future. So, if you’re checking out the AVCT share price online, now might be a great time to invest.