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Amigo Share Price

Want to know more about Amigo share price? Would you like to buy shares in Amigo Holdings? You are at the right place!

The subprime market provides a place for businesses with poor credit scores to access loans. They charge higher interest rates to cover the increased risk by the debtors. So, guarantor loans or subprime lenders are not going anywhere.

Amigo Holdings is one of the leading guarantor loan lenders in the market. Plus, they share their trades publicly.

In this article, we shall discuss more on Amigo Holding, Amigo share price, and more. So, keep reading before you invest in the shares.

Amigo Holdings- A Quick Company Overview

In 2005, James Benamor established this company as a mid-cost loans lender. He was the company’s CEO until 2015, and then, he handed over the role to Glen Crawford.

In June 2018, on the London Stock Exchange, Amigo holdings were the subject of an initial public offering. It was valued at 1.3 billion euros at the time.

Amigo Holdings PLC is a guarantor loan or subprime lender. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange. 

They offer credit to those who can not get loans from traditional lenders. It can be because they do not have a credit history or have a bad credit history.

It offers a single product guarantor loan. This product allows borrowers to rebuild their credit scores. Further, it will help them access credit from the mainstream financial service providers.

This company issues mid-cost loans to businesses with payments guarantees from family or friends. They lend up to 10,000 euros with a 49.9% APR, which is higher than those of mainstream banks.

However, it is lower than the high-cost products like rent to own or paydays. Moreover, this company has secured over 85% of the guarantor loan market in the UK.

In addition to pioneering the concept of guarantor lending, Amigo Holdings has contributed to the economy in various ways. Although guarantor lending is not a new idea, Amigo Loans was the first to get granted authorization by the FCA in the UK. 

Primarily, Amigo makes it possible for millions of ordinary people to borrow money when they face exclusion from mainstream lenders. Here are some notable accomplishments of Amigo Holdings PLC:

  • Amigo Holdings ranked Best Company to Work for in the Sunday Times 23rd in 2015.
  • In the same year, Amigo holdings were awarded Employer of the Year at the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards.
  • It received FCA authorization in 2016 and won the Best Brand and Non-Standard Consumer Lender of the Year at the F5 Awards.
  • In 2017, Amigo was the Winner of Best Guarantor Loan Provider at the Consumer Credit Awards.
  • Also in 2017, made a break by lending one billion euro to customers.
  • Amigo launched its first smartphone App.

Moreover, they always strive to stay reliable and trustworthy for their shareholders! 

An Insight into the Company Profile of Amigo Holding

The Richmond group owns approximately 61.4% of the company’s share. James Benamor, the founder, sold his complete shareholdings of the company in June and July 2020. He did so after failing to change the composition of the BOD.

The company has its headquarters in Bournemouth. Currently, Gary Jennison is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company.

 Although the company has worked very hard to stay faithful to shareholders, there is trouble. The firm issued a series of disappointing financial reports in 2019. 

Most of which revealed a growing amount of loan impairments. The consumers were not paying their invoices when it was due, which led to guarantors covering the shortcomings. Let’s discuss more on this in detail in the following sections.

We have created a table providing valuable insights into Amigo Holding’s profile. You can take a look at it for a better understanding of the company.

Total Number of Employees405 total employees across all of its locations
Total Number of ShareholdersHere is a list of some of the major shareholders of Amigo Holdings. We have listed 9 of them here: JPMorgan Securities Plc (Market-Maker) (8.73%)Miton Asset Management Ltd. (6.76%)Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Management Ltd. (4.52%)IG Markets Ltd. (2.48%)HSBC Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd. (1.62%)HSBC Bank Plc (Market-Maker) (1.11%)Barclays Bank Plc (Private Banking) (0.83%)Jarvis Investment Management Ltd. (0.46%) Peel Hunt LLP (0.42%)
List of Management Board Members/Key Management PersonsGary A. Jennison – Chief Executive Officer, DirectorRoger Vincent Lovering – Acting Chairman of the Board, Senior Non-Executive Independent Director Jonathan Roe – Non-Executive Chairman of the Board
List of Supervisory Board MembersMichael John Corcoran – Chief Financial Officer, Executive DirectorHelen Hancock  – Chief People OfficerMike Corcoran – Chief Financial OfficerMaria Darby-Walker – Non-Executive DirectorMichael Bartholomeusz – Non-Executive DirectorNicholas Beal – Chief Restructuring OfficerPaul Dyer – Chief Risk OfficerJake Ranson – Chief Customer OfficerNaynesh Patel – Chief Analytics Officer Shaminder Rai – Chief Transformation Officer

Source 1: https://markets.ft.com/data/equities/tearsheet/profile?s=AMGO:LSE

Source 2: https://www.amigoplc.com/directors-and-company-secretary

Source 3: https://www.reuters.com/companies/AMGO.L

Amigo Holdings – Financial Indicators

You must be aware of all the financial indicators before investing in Amigo Holdings. Here’s a table to help you understand all the financial positions of the company for 2020.

Revenue Generation47.7 million GBP
Net Operating Profit
Other Costs66.40 million GBP
Key Performance Indicators  The price is standing at 8.15 GBP with a surplus of 4.49%Will take months to recoverStock prices had rapidly plummeted
Amigo Holdings share price8.88 GBX on July 22nd, 2021
Public Stakes49.78%

Financial Analysis Summary

After the 1029 financial reports, FCA received a large number of complaints that prompted an investigation. Now, Amigo’s stock price has decreased by over 90%. 

However, it was slowly gaining strength after the upheaval two years ago. Nonetheless, it will take many months or years to recover from the damages. Plus, it will take more time to go back to the initial levels of growth.

Key News about AMIGO

Here is some news on Amigo that can interest you:

Amigo announced a board shake-up in 2020. Also, Amigo announced that Mike Corcoran would join the board as CFO elect (Chief Financial Officer), subject to approval by the FCA.

Certain Common Shares of Amigo Holdings are subject to a Lock-Up Agreement Ending on 3-JUL-2021.

The Guardian covers the plummeting Amigo shares over fears of the compensation case. The Guardian also covers the rejection of the compensation cap for Amigo Holders.

Sites Where You Can Find AMIGO Share Price

Looking for amigo holdings share price? Not able to find reliable sites? We have listed some of the best sites where you can find amigo share prices.

Take a look at the list of sites mentioned below. These sites can help you in settling your plan.

  1. London Stock Exchange
  2. Yahoo Finance 
  3. London South East
  4. ADVFN
  5. Shares Magazine
  6. ShareCast

Sites Where You Can Find AMIGO Share Price Chats

Found a site where you can find amigo share prices? Now it is time to find Amigo Share price chats! 

You can connect with fellow investors and help yourself navigate Amigo shares better. We have picked some of the most reliable Amigo share price chat sites. They are as follows:

  1. lse.co.uk
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  4. ADVFN

Frequently Asked Questions about Amigo Share Price

If you have more doubts about Amigo share price, this section can clear it all out. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. So, read on and discover more.

What Is the Amigo Share Price?

The Amigo share price is 8.88 GBX as of July 23rd, 2021. However, it can vary over time.

Are There Any Good Amigo Share Price Chat Websites?  

Yes, there are a handful of reliable and useful amigo share price chat websites. Some of the best ones are lse.co.uk, London South East, Investing.com, and ADVFN.

What Is the Amigo Holders Ticker or Stock Symbol?

AMGO is the stock symbol for Amigo Holders.

Is Amigo Holders Publicly Traded? 

Yes, it is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Hence, it is publicly traded.


It has been some time since the company is facing several legal issues. Hence, it is not surprising to see Amigo share price plunging.

Although not many investors are showing interest in the company, it can change over time. Either way, you can use the sites mentioned in this article to invest or keep yourself updated on Amigo loans share price.