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 The demand for pornographic content is so high that the most recognized, consistently watched, and well-known content and websites are porn websites! Of all the porn websites on the. internet, Pornhub has to be the most infamous one..

Everyone’s heard the myths about their revenue and profit, and everyone wants to get their hands on it. Isn’t the easiest way to get your hands on some Pornhub stock? But if there’s no stock available, how do you invest? Read on to find out!


Pornhub was started back in 2007 under the name Interhub. Later on, the website was purchased by MindGeek and renamed Pornhub. It was officially added to MindGeek’s ‘Pornhub Network.’

The parent company MindGeek actually owns Pornhub’s sister companies – YouPorn and Redtube! However, Pornhub remains the single largest pornographic website, with the largest number of videos on the internet.


Pornhub expanded to online casinos in 2016 by launching its own online casino powered by Betsoft, Endorphina, and 1x2gaming Software.

Later in 2018, Pornhub made a move to accept cryptocurrency (Verge) along with traditional modes of payment.

Pornhub Profile

Pornhub remains a high-profile company with the most low-profile approach. You won’t find many details regarding its revenue, valuation, net profit, or much else. However, they are more liberal with their other statistics.

The company releases a Tech Review every year to commemorate the year passed, and for 2020 the tech review cited 130 million visitors per day. Comparatively, back in 2019, there were 115 million odd visits a day.

Pornhub has regularly stated that it has content roughly worth half of Netflix’s entire library, with more and more content being uploaded every minute.


The parent company MindGeek has been under a lot of scrutiny lately. From reports of fake employees to allegations of monetizing child abuse, MindGeek has been quiet throughout. However, the biggest revelation in the last few years was understanding just how big the company is.

MindGeek doesn’t just control the biggest porn website on the internet. In fact, it controls websites such as YouPorn, Redtube, and even Brazzers. MindGeek has an enormous monopoly on the adult entertainment industry.

Profile Stats

Again, anything to do with Pornhub is a bit of a secret. There’s a lot of conflicting reports regarding the number of employees to their board members.

Total Number of Employees 77 – 80
Total Number of Shareholders Parent Company – MindGeek

While there isn’t a lot of official information available about the website, there are reports about its financial dealings. For one, Pornhub’s parent company MindGeek has an investor recently named as Bernard Bergemar. One individual holds a majority share in stocks in MindGeek!


Apart from Bernard Bergemar, there are several other hidden investors and beneficiaries of the media company. As per a loan taken out in 2011, there seem to be upwards of 125 secret investors in Pornhub.

Pornhub Stock

There’s not a lot of official information regarding the financial valuation or funding that Pornhub as a site or MindGeek receives. However, some sources speculate that Pornhub alone is valued at $1.5 billion!

With over 22 million registered users and well over a million daily visits, the valuation of the site does not seem far off. It isn’t out of the norm to think of such high valuations. However, there are no full reports regarding revenue, profits, or even investors.


Is Pornhub Publicly Traded Company?

Stocks such as porn and alcohol seem like the best investments. Though, these ‘sin stocks’ are often harder to get a hold of. While there are ‘adult’ companies with publicly traded stock, many don’t ever launch an IPO.


Unfortunately, Pornhub is a company that hasn’t gone public, so it isn’t publicly traded. Neither is the parent company – MindGeek. Most ‘sin’ stocks are not easy to access since most investors like to keep their portfolios clean.

How To Buy Pornhub Stock

Buying sin stock is notoriously hard since it isn’t the most common investment. Investors often stay away from stock such as alcohol, sex, and tobacco despite the obvious benefits. However, companies like Pornhub also do not have any stock available.

Since neither Pornhub nor MindGeek is publicly traded, there’s no way to purchase any shares in those companies. Seemingly, Pornhub nor MindGeek require the public funding that regular companies seem to require. So, purchasing Pornhub stock is out of the question.

Pornhub Stock Alternatives

If you are serious about purchasing stock in adult entertainment, then the best option is RCI Hospitality Holdings (RICK). The company owns upscale nightclubs that are well-known. Since MindGeek is a monopoly with the biggest porn sites under its umbrella, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better alternative.

Key News About Pornhub Stocks

Mastercard and Visa Cutting Ties

Pornhub’s reputation has taken quite a hit over the last year. With reports and accusations of objectionable content such as child abuse content and other unverified content visible on the platform, many companies have chosen to cut ties.

Among those that have cut ties include banking giant Mastercard. As of December 2020, Visa and Mastercard payments have been blocked on the largest porn website in the world.

Following the allegations, Pornhub claims to have removed all unverified content off its platform. As a part of their purge, they removed almost 10 million videos from their platform. It has also put in place stricter rules for uploads, such as the requirement of a verified account.

Purchasing of Tumblr

Before this scandal, Pornhub was all prepared to purchase logging platform Tumblr from Verizon. Back in 2019, Vice President Corey Price mentioned the express interest Pornhub had in acquiring and reverting Tumblr’s sexual content ban.

While there was express interest, Pornhub was not able to purchase the blogging platform.

Secret Investors

Along with the name of MindGeek’s owner, a report revealed a 2011 loan taken out by the company. Back in 2011, MindGeek took out a private loan of $362 million from 125 secret investors.

Among the 125 investors were big names such as JPMorgan Chase and an Ivy League college (allegedly Cornell University). While neither company has responded to the allegations officially, there have been vehement denials regarding the allegations.

Also please see below other material news which potentially has impact on Pornhub stock price.

Dec-2020 – Pornhub removes all the unverified content

Dec-2020 – Visa and Mastercard block payments on Pornhub after allegations

Nov-2020 – Pornhub reveals annual report

May – 2019 -Caroline Spiegel starts non visual porn site.


Does Pornhub have stock?

Neither Pornhub nor its parent company, MindGeek, have any stock available to be publicly traded. So, there is no Pornhub stock symbol available either. You also won’t find a Pornhub stock price for the same reason. The Pornhub stock market is non-existent.

How does Pornhub make money if it isn’t a publicly traded company?

Pornhub is a part of a larger umbrella under its parent company MindGeek. According to speculation, the parent company makes money off of the website through means such as:

–       Ad revenue

–       Membership fees

With almost 22 million registered users, it’s not impossible for them to pull in the kind of revenue required to make a profit!

What is sin stock?

If you’ve looked into buying Pornhub stock, you’ve definitely come across the term sin stock. It’s exactly what it sounds like – publicly traded companies that deal in areas considered unethical or immoral.

If Pornhub was a publicly traded company, it would be a sin stock!


What are the benefits of investing in sin stock?

The reason so many people are hoping to invest in adult entertainment or alcohol companies is the profits generated. Not only will there be a steady stream of profits for investors to benefit from, but the companies are generally immune to recessions.

Companies such as MindGeek are also monopolies in their own industries. So, with the lack of real competition, immunity to recessions, a steady stream of users and income, they’re every investor’s dream.

As long as you don’t mind the moral and ethical implications of investing in such companies, they make for a great long-term investment with high returns.


The porn industry is an attractive investment option for an investor who doesn’t mind the taboo nature. The industry makes bllions a year and has only been making more money with each year. One of the best in the industry is Pornhub and its parent company MindGeek.

Despite the massive amounts of profit and revenue porn websites and companies like MindGeek might be making, there’s no way for the masses to profit. Sites like Pornhub are all private and don’t seem to be going public anytime soon.While it’s impossible to invest in Pornhub stock, a stock like RICK is always available for those who want to capitalize on the adult industry!




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